The Faberrom platform includes four access areas and 250 spaces for rent. The complex has a very good commercial view, with over 16,000 employees in the area, being located near one of Bucharest’s most-visited boulevards – Iuliu Maniu.


We are here for you and we can provide you with recommendations and information
on how to plan and personalize your space, but also with the tools
you need to get the desired results. The competitive price and flexibility
of the Faberrom team are the reasons why over
150 businesses have chosen us as a business partner for almost 10 years.


We have all the legal permits to operate so that you can work

in the best and safest conditions. Faberrom is a water and electricity supplier

with its wells and own transformer at a great price.


Safety is a priority for us and our business partners.
We provide security and protection services as well
as video surveillance on request to anyone who chooses to work at Faberrom.


We have parking spaces for your employees,
business partners and customers within the complex.

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